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About Cip Auto

Cip Auto is a platform created to let you buy cars that you can directly check at our parking located in Chisinau, Moldova. We offer a vast range of cars imported from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and the rest of Europe. Also with us you can purchase cars directly from auto dealers and private sellers.

You can pick an automobile basing on several attributes: brand, model, mileage, color, body type, accessories and price. It’s easy to find a car you are looking for, either you are going to by a new car or a used one.

We offer cars with automatic or mechanic transmission that can be leased or bouth on credit.
Pay attention to our Trade-in service based on car exchange. Come to our parking by your old car, pay the difference and return home by a new one.

Cip Auto makes the process of car selection and purchase much easier, more profitable and pleasant.

For any info please contact us: 068200702, 068697738, 068697739, 068601008, 068697728.